Day 2.

“…The trip was uneventful and a number of hours later we were rounding Point Loma and into the calm waters of the San Diego Bay. If nothing else, the boat was brimming with Whimsy. Whimsy was the gleam in our eyes; whimsy swelled the sails; whimsy swelled our hearts. That’s the way whimsy works. It’s a renewable, infinite resource that multiplies. 

I’ve come to understand more about faith as I’ve understood more about whimsy. What whimsy means to me is a combination of the “do”: part of faith along with doing something worth doing. It’s whimsy that spreads hope like grass seed in the wind. Whimsy reminds me of the Bible, too, when it talks about stuff being like an aroma. It is not an overpowering one, just something that has the scent of God’s love, an unmistakable scent that lingers.”
Chapter 27 “The Story” in Bob Goff’s book Love Does

I’ve read Bob Goff’s book Love Does recently, actually I have like 2 chapters left… if I’m being honest here! And by reading His book, I’ve gained insight into 2 things about “faith,” ironically enough. I mean, the book is about “love” after all. 
One “light bulb” (so to speak) is that faith also does. It does. And a lot of that is in the unseeing nature of God’s plan and that’s where the second “light bulb” lies, in the unseen. To some He says, “Get to know me and then just be.” Which “being”, in itself, can be an action.” You may say, actually it’s a lack of action but for some of us (I’m guilty of this for sure), it’s actually the harder choice to make. To be or not move. That’s difficult. It’s more difficult, again personally, than jumping… or sailing off on missions of my own desire. My heart says I want to serve the Lord and when He says stay I say, “But… I could… okay.”

(What faith looked like 1 year ago: Traveling to ministry location in Kenya, Africa… aka “go”)
(What faith looked like for me today: A day of errands and Statefarm agents with my sweet mama… aka “be”)
It’s a choice or action to be. That’s just me though. You may be the complete opposite and the moving of your feet when Papa says go, is the hard choice that He often calls you to. 
We’re all so uniquely designed. Even our doubts. That’s how intricately He displays His love when weaving within the womb. 
So faith takes action, it takes a choice to follow in a direction that is only lit one step at a time.
We walk by faith and not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7 (Smell the sweet aroma of His word? True to this day)
As of this day, Day 2 of my October FAITH journey… Faith seems to be KNOWING God… ACTING on His call (stay…go?)… and TRUSTING despite the lack of visual given to us for the future. 
Faith is in the whimsy (ie. “An odd or fanciful notion”) and the wandering of hope within the will of the person. I love how creative our great God is. AND as much as it grates my natural man, I LOVE that He keeps us guessing when it comes to the future. Oh I know, He directs our steps and we can know where He’s taking us largely based on our identity and physical makeup but come on… we all wonder what’s next? 
Grateful am I that I can KNOW He is constant. Grateful am I that He blesses my ACTION within His will. Grateful am I that He earned my TRUST long ago by His sacrifice of love for me. 
“Faith is ???”  Fill in the blank as a comment below!! I’d love to hear your thoughts and include some of them as a part of the series!! Ready to read day 1? Click HERE to read from my 31 days page 🙂 OR go to The Nester’s blog to read the other fine “31 Days” posts!!

Piggyback, please?

You’ve heard, or maybe read for yourself, the story of the footsteps before…

You know, the one that begins with two sets and ends with one because Jesus is now carrying the person in need of strong, heavenly arms?

Yeah, that one.

Well, Sheldon said something in a prayer he prayed over us the other night that really stuck out to me and I’ve yet to be able to shake its’ unexpected parallel. He simply asked something specific of our great God that was spoken with a hint of humour and even slightly tongue in cheek. But really… it’s made me think about the depth of such a request.

Father, let us depend on you like never before. If you could just carry us… no, give us a piggyback ride…

A piggyback ride?

I remember that as I glanced up at this glorious man I’ve been chosen to spend life with, I grinned. First of all, he’s cute and saying something like that in the midst of prayer really reminded me of a child talking to his daddy, so strong and so capable, but there was more of a reason then even that.

Sheldon was asking God to not only carry our burdens, our baggage, our weight… but to do so as a loving father would his child with cut feet from stepping on sharp shells, or a lover to his girl to create a bond between them that was slightly whimsical, and maybe still a base to a flyer, cheering loudly while believing her partner won’t let her down.

Or maybe a best friend, just because it’s fun and that’s what best friends do… they give piggyback rides and laugh the whole time.

The cool thing about God giving us a piggyback ride of sorts, is that he won’t ever let us slip down his back or feel insecure with a misstep or two. He is solid, secure, and gentle with us as we ride this life out, gripping his shoulders with our fingers or squeezing his neck with our arms wrapped around Him desperately, depending on Him to take us where He wants us to go. For our good. Don’t forget that part. And He could take us anywhere. Anywhere in the world. Or He could have us love as He would, right where we are as He keeps us trusting Him here in this place. It’s worth a grin.

I’m so grateful for my Papa’s strength when I am weak and when I think I’m strong. I need Him to give me a piggyback ride either way. I don’t want to walk on my legs in my favored direction… He’s got me. I trust Him. Let’s go. 

“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.” -Deuteronomy 33:12


Carry Me – Audrey Assad (Click here!)

Where does your dependency on God stand right now, this very minute? Are you holding His hand through trials… wiggling around uneasily while He hoists you up and over his back? Are you riding gleefully, in full acknowledgment that he’s got you and won’t let you down, even if He decides to run? Leave a comment below if you have something to share.