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Absolutely blessed to have a writing platform now at codeministries.org!! A few blog posts and devotionals have been released there and I’ve neglected to share them here on laurenap.com!



Grab your favorite mug, pour something steamy into it and peruse away…



February 2nd – About My Father’s Business

“How weird would it be if, when asked what I was up to (a normal American greeting), I responded and said that I was “about my Father’s business.” I can hear the reply now.. “…uh… okay.” But that’s what Jesus said (as a twelve year old …” – Read MORE!


February 14th – Love Divine

“Sheldon and I will have been married 5 months this February 20th, but even early in our relationship, a year and a half in to be specific (August 2013), God was teaching me something radical about Himself– something life changing– through our relationship. I married at …” – Read MORE!



February 24th – Pray with CODE: Lauren and BeLoved

“I chose this song because of the incredible question it poses, “What does love look like?” The whole world wants to know! But I also chose it because…” – Read MORE!


March 2nd – Community At Its’ Finest

“A friend loveth at all times; And a brother is born for adversity” – Proverbs 17:17 Anyone who comes back from the World Race (or Summer camp for that matter) knows that the feeling of authentic community soon seems a distant memory– virtually impossible to attain …” – Read MORE!


Praying God’s presence in your life more today than ever before!




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