Season of Plenty


Dive into my prior writings and you will find many pieces involving seasons. You could say I’m a big fan of them. How Fall leaves pile up until they crackle beneath snow boots. The way the chill of Winter, gives way to the blooms of spring and then how that growth becomes the wonder of Summer fun, with a few less responsibilities than the rest of the year.

But my Favorite season is Autumn. Its’ changing colors and the smell of festivals and elephant ears that hits my nose when I finally am able to open the sliding glass door because humidity is gone… well, almost gone (This is Florida, after all). Pumpkin is the main ingredient in every dish and my Ikea scarf hanger moves forefront in my wardrobe, begging for me to take the first pic involving the warm colors that fit the season. My Autumn Pinterest board IS the biggest one of all and every latte is made “hot” because whether the temperature calls for it or not, I’m choosing to believe it will soon be football game weather.

And we’re almost there. School has begun. Not that it affects my life that much currently but it is a signal… it says, ready yourself for your favorite season of all. And to that I say, bring it on! My brown knee high boots are nearing the front door as I write…

As I’ve related them in the past, I want to talk about seasons of our lives as well as the changing of our weather. Jesus has placed on my heart, and basically consumed my thoughts, with the idea that Autumn has long been considered a season of harvest… of plenty.

A farmer, which I only understand by way of the 1 acre garden my family planted, and that I was forced to weed, in my teen years. And also possibly because of the many evenings spent reading Little House on the Prairie as a child. Although this does not qualify me an expert, in this post it is a frame of reference for my knowing acknowledgment to the importance of harvest time to the farmer.

He researches his soil, tills his land, sows the right seed, waters the ground religiously, weeds out his crop with the best of them, and then reaps the reward of harvest in due season. Some years that harvest is slim… and others it is plenty. Those profitable years are worth it all and I can imagine him as he lifts his weary head to the clouds that define the heavens, the dust from his brow falling to the earth beneath him, and I can see him praising the Creator of his land and labor for the bountiful provision of that season.

Well, for Sheldon and me, this is a season of plenty.

Those who know our current lifestyle, may be squinting one eye right now to see if they read that sentence correctly. No, we have not found sudden earthly wealth, and no, this next round of anything is not on us… grin. We are working hard, yes. We are learning to budget as a married couple, yes. And we may have just reached the season (over the Summertime), where we finally can say that our bills are being paid on time, as they should be (Can I hear the crowd go wild?!!!).

But “plenty” as defined by Websters Dictionary is not only…

“A large number or amount”

but also…

“The state of having enough of the things that make life good and easy”


“the quality or state of being copious”

Hence this post.

We have entered a season, only recently I admit, to where we are feeling ABUNDANTLY blessed. And I’ve decided to write about it. I hope you do not take it as a rub in the face if this is not your current season, because believe me… this is the first time in a very long while, that I have been able to type these words and mean it. I can truly understand where you are if you are not here.

But I must give praise for plenty, if I’m to feel at all okay with my distraught posts about our times of drought.

Plenty for us right now looks like…

1. Our growing in love marriage. We fight y’all… the word “argue” just doesn’t cover it when including my hard head in the match. But still, our decision to put eachother’s needs first continues to become more of a priority than the day before and honestly, I just find my husband sexier and more amazing all the time. It took us both a long time to get together on this planet and now we are doing what we can with every second that God’s gifted us.

2. Deciding that what we have is enough. Even if we only settle into this satisfaction temporarily because we’re human and have to fight the flesh. Right now. Contentment in what we have is here. And we are ever so grateful for our shoebox of a home and our moderately filled cupboards.

3. Our faith in God to provide. I’d be lying if I said this is not a struggle, but even the struggle has made us so much happier in His provision. Trust and faith have lifted us up in this season. And many prayers have been prayed.

4. This time of community. Many years have passed since I’ve known community as I do right now. Are we all committed, all of the time. Nope, but we’re grace filled. I see grace in the community Papa has granted us with in this season. Friendships and family relationships that far out way the fancy ones. Dependable, prayerful… and so much fun! We feel beyond blessed.

5. A church that serves. A little bit ago, I mentioned to Sheldon that I could see myself raising kids in the church family we’re a part of now. That’s a huge victory for me! Liberty Church North Campus has been redemption for the American church in my mind and our lives over the last few years. It’s been since I was a child that my family was able to stay in one church for longer than one season of their lives and the hopping around made it feel like it wasn’t possible to live a life committed to serving a single body of believers. Now, I say this without too much judgment, I hope! Whatever the Lord has, in our current church or in another, it’s wonderful to find a safe space with real people, who know how to face problems… and get over them. If it’s up to me, I’ll be sticking around for a while. And the way these folks serve the community and one another, I couldn’t ask for a better hands-on approach to the teachings of Christ. Thankful.

6. Jobs that pay the bills… and fulfill our dreams. Becoming a missionary with CODE Ministries has changed my life forever. It’s possible to do what you’re called to do. And there it is. I’m so happy to be accomplishing a goal and carrying out a mission. Ministry is super hard work… sometimes more difficult than any other because we’re working with extreme needs, spiritually and physically. Becoming an employee at my church and working as a missionary is the most fulfilling work I have ever done in my life and I’m so excited about how Papa will continue to provide physically for my family through my obedience in doing the work He’s asked me to do. Sheldon not only works hard every day at a local Credit Union, but he also works hard every night and on weekends to become a better photographer! It’s been inspiring to watch him study and grow. Soon, I know this will be an area of provision for our family… and a dream come true for my husband. I can’t ask for more.

Those six categories of “plenty” are definitely not the only ones but the few that came to mind right away and all of those are new and exciting to accept and snuggle up in. So come on crisp air and come on Jesus! This season is a good one and I plan to click my heels all the way to Winter… and I’m glad to say that Winter will not come early in these parts. Bless God for the lingering Florida heat too. It keeps my pumpkin spice warmer longer.


What is it that you love about Fall or the season of life you are in?

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